Friday, 25 November 2011

Do what you love and do it often...

Trying to find a satisfying balance between work and play seems to get trickier and trickier...I'm still looking for it!!! But I have put together a collage of my photography to remind me that I do occasionally get the time to live and breathe, and indulge some of my favourite past times...creative stuff, spending time with friends loved ones, a bit of travel now and again....
Worthing beach


Pretending to play golf

with Lindsey on Brighton beach

Brighton beach 2011

Bilbo Baggins

Where I work

Brick Lane vintage

Concert at Old Church, Chelsea

Worthing at night

Bath - where I were born

Tea parties
with my nephew

lying in a Wiltshire meadow

horse riding

second hand books

In my mum's garden

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