Saturday, 4 May 2013

Noticing the Beautiful Things

This post on appeared on Facebook a few days ago and has inspired me to write this blog today. How many times in life do we not stop and take in what's around us? How many times do we walk on and MISS so many wonderful things? I was AMAZED and felt very sad when I saw this...

Joshua Bell - violinist - wonderful, wonderful player who was busking in Washington DC metro. How many people stopped to listen?? It was rush hour and everyone seemed in such a hurry. Hardly anyone took any notice of him or the fabulous music. One woman recognises him and stops to talk.

How sad.

What else are we missing when we are running around like headless chickens to get to work, when we're in work, when we get home from work?? Sometimes life can feel a bit as if we're constantly chasing our tails.

I'm as guilty as anyone sometimes, and my aim is to make sure that every day I stop and find time to do something lovely, or see something lovely. This will be my mantra for the week...

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