Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Enjoying the Moment...

Technology is extraordinary and helps us along is so many ways. It makes us feel connected to everyone in the wider world. Staying connected is important and especially when your loved ones aren't nearby, we share our happy moments with them....But this clip I found posted on facebook really made me open my eyes a little wider to how much we miss of them moment when we are glued to our phones or ipads.

 I've always been a bit of a reluctant user of technology - quite frankly I don't really understand it and therefore have little interest..that is until my boyfriend persuaded me to get an iphone...and now sadly the film above becomes all too familiar...HOW SAD!!!

I am determined NOT to get sucked in by this. I absolutely loathe people bringing their phones to dinner with them. I loathe the fact that we never switch off from it! People expect to be able to 'get at you' via email, text, or talking on the phone, where-ever, whenever...

Perhaps I am guilty of ditching my lovely camera for Instagram of my phone; For being in a room full of people and looking at the internet on it etc etc, but I am going to try and put it right. I will continue to leave my phone at home (or on silent) when out with loved ones (that's what answerphones are for..) and I will enjoy making the most of phone conversations with friends and family on my old bakelite phone, snuggled up on my sofa NOT when trying to juggle 100 other things.

I want to capture moments - I LOVE taking pictures and sharing them, and I do often- but perhaps I will switch back to my camera and enjoy the photography process rather than the instant gratification of Instagram.

Finally, I want to eradicate everything on that clip from my life. I don't want to be living life through my phone... I wonder if you agree? :)

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