Monday, 24 February 2014

Finding Something A Little Lovely Every Day...

I know I'm a bit late for New Year's resolutions in February...but I've thought of one for myself. Instead of just letting each day roll into one, eg: Get up, go to work, come back, do work, go to bed etc etc, I WILL find something a little lovely, perhaps a little different or surprising (and hopefully uplifting) and focus on how it made the day a bit brighter.

Here's the first one. This was taken today at about 6.30am, just before my train for work rolled in. Just 2 weeks ago, as I left our flat and walked to the station, the sky was so black, filled with stars (and planes flying over), owls hooting in the trees...But this morning the sky was a lovely dark purple, and then became this brilliant pink.

And of course, it made me think of Nick Drake's brilliant Northern Sky

Happy Monday!

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